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"I would think about how I wanted to act. Like they teach in acting, ‘act as if …’ — it’s the same thing in sports. Do you stand up straight? Do you have your body language speaking in a confident way? Because 75 percent of the time when you’re on the court, you’re actually not hitting a ball. And I think that’s where the champions come through. So I would visualize all these different possibilities."

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"Want to brag more after reading this @FastCoDesign article? (http://bit.ly/1lhT6U2 ) Just try saying you’re da bes: http://bit.ly/1f7ooW3"

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"…having some real life balance by investing in your important relationships will make you a better CEO. When you are out of balance, it affects your stress, judgment, and ultimately becomes another destabilizer just when you need to be the most put together."

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"A Woman’s Nation has released its third in a series of Shriver Reports, A Woman’s Nation Pushes Back from the Brink, in partnership with the Center for American Progress. It can be downloaded for FREE now through January 15th."

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"At 6 pm EDT today, the 9th of September in the Year Of Our Lorde Two Thousande Thirteene, Judy Woodruff and Gwen Ifill will team up to make broadcast history as the first lady-lady duo to anchor a network evening news broadcast as they take the helm of PBS’s NewsHour. Heaven help us."

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The 113th Congress, officially sworn in today, is the most diverse in American history - including a record-breaking number of women! http://thebea.st/WfxFAk 

The 113th Congress, officially sworn in today, is the most diverse in American history - including a record-breaking number of women! http://thebea.st/WfxFAk 

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"I have seen more women leading as CEOs, especially start-ups,” said Charlene Li, Founder of Altimeter Group. “In my time as an analyst at Forrester, almost ten years from 1999 to 2008, I saw only seven women CEOs in briefings. I now see that many in a year, which is very, very refreshing and reassuring. Something is working, and thank goodness, as there is abundant research that shows that having women on leadership teams – and leading organizations – is an essential part of creating a successful organization."

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I met Maeghan Smulders as she was cruising through San Francisco, and was so impressed with her, and her story.

If you know of any college students or interns, I highly recommend sharing this with them to remind them of what’s possible if they put their mind to it! 

Here’s all the (impressive) press she received:

Go, Maeghan, go! 

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"The battle with Men Who Explain Things has trampled down many women — of my generation, of the up-and-coming generation we need so badly, here and in Pakistan and Bolivia and Java, not to speak of the countless women who came before me and were not allowed into the laboratory, or the library, or the conversation, or the revolution, or even the category called human."

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Meet one of the accredited investor definitions? Read on:

The Pipeline Fellowship trains women philanthropists to become angel investors through education, mentoring, and practice. Fellows commit to invest in a woman-led for-profit social venture in exchange for equity and a board seat at the end of the training. 

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Excellent infographics. 

Consider the positive economic impact that women-owned businesses are having on the country. The estimated 8.3 million women-owned businesses in the United States employ 7.7 million people. That’s an impressive number.

This week, as we share more results from American Express OPEN’s study The State of Women-Owned Businesses, we’d like to give a special nod to those companies in certain regions who have achieved outstanding growth. We’re taking a look at the “magnitude of the movement” in these regions. Women are having a seismic impact on our economy, creating jobs and driving innovation. It’s important for women to mentor and share ideas with each other, and also offer insight into overcoming business challenges; this is the recipe for success. That’s why this space and this dialogue are so important. We want to keep the focus on the progress these small businesses are making, so we can all continue to support businesses run by women.

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